Powerwatts Automation specializes in supplying industrial and manufacturing equipment, as well as automation products, services, and solutions to customers across the world. We take pleasure in being the exclusive official and authorized distributor of COSEL power supplies such as AC/DC power supplies Malaysia, as well as E+E humidity and temperature transmitters, photoelectric sensors, and many more products. We always try to be your trusted brand of standard AC/DC power supplies in Malaysia by being completely committed to hard work and making continuous improvements to all products and services.

What is AC power supply?

AC power supplies in Malaysia is an electric current that periodically reverses direction and changes magnitude over time in contrast to DC power supplies in Malaysia which flows only in one direction.

What is the difference between AC and DC power supplies?

As previously stated, the primary distinction between AC and DC power suppliers in Malaysia is the direction in which electrons flow. This distinction is the root of all other distinctions between these types of electricity. Because power plants can easily generate large amounts of AC power supplier in Malaysia and deliver it via power lines, which then feed to transformers to step down the voltage until it reaches homes and businesses, the wave motion of AC power supplies in Malaysia helps this power source travel farther very efficiently. DC power supplies in Malaysia do not increase or decrease as easily when the voltage is changed, and thus cannot travel long distances efficiently.